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Private Colocation
Data Center,
specializing in GPU Processing


Better value than traditional do-it-yourself or retail alternatives. At its best, wholesale colocation enables large-footprint users to leverage the best practices and economic benefits of a mega-scale facility without sacrificing the security or autonomy of a dedicated asset. It blends demised and dedicated computer rooms with custom office areas, scalable infrastructure, best-in-class facility operations and complete vendor neutrality.

It provides a “data center within a data center” feel at a higher quality and
a better value than traditional do-it-yourself or retail alternatives.

Private colocation offers your business autonomy and control of your IT requirements, as well as access to GPU.one many services and amenities. And because our private suites are housed within a colocation environment, customers have easy access to a host of interconnection options and the benefits of shared overhead cost efficiencies.

WHO - THE GPU.one advantageTM?

The management team is dedicated to one single goal, offering the best value proposition to companies requiring robust and cost efficient computational power.

Vladimir Plessovskikh
Chief Executive Officer
is a Senior Partner at several large technology companies. Having worked at Transforce a public company as well as Ernst and Young as an accounting professional, he has a deep understanding of the technology sector, its present needs and future direction.
William Gray
Chief Technology Officer
has served as Chief Technology of MPLORE LLC, silicon valleys mobile ad delivery platform for public companies Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile. He is a global network and software architecture expert. He will be the Architectural Engineer leading the GPU.one team on all technical aspects from end to end. Most recently, William was CEO of Do-It Hosting & Mobicow where he focused on delivering solutions for data center consolidation, enterprise architecture, disaster recovery, and cloud computing.
Dominic Pilon
Data Center Technical Director
With 15 years of leadership experience at world class Data Centers operated by Bell Canada and Cogeco telecom, he is an innovator in networking and innovative systems solutions.
Iggy Lai
VP Business Development
Iggy brings 12+ years of experience in business development. He has worked at various Fortune 500 tech companies including Symantec & Best Buy for Business and founded his own tech venture. He has established himself as one of Canada's leading provider of IT equipment.
Elias Lazaris
Marketing Director
Expert on the web, online solutions and marketing. For more than 8 years, he has worked in the marketing field to push companies to become known on the web and online solutions.

WHY THE GPU.one advantageTM?

Future proof processing power
We are always leveraging state of the art technology: This allow us to respond rapidly to Emerging technologies and increasing dynamic data loads capable of delivering high density solutions.
A data center dedicated to GPU processing
GPUs harness the processing power needed for high performance computing. Run a full enterprise from the cloud with unparalleled compute performance, speed, and accuracy. Provision bare metal servers with cutting-edge GPU hardware to handle your most complex compute-intensive workloads — from analytics and graphics to energy exploration and machine learning.
World class security and privacy
Physical Security
We provide Security staff on-site 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. The physical access to the premises is controlled by Dual layered physical access control including card access, we provide physical man-trap controls all entries and exits. We provide you access to our closed-circuit HD camera system. We are audited yearly for SOC2 Type2 compliance and provide custom security controls available upon request.
Network Security and Privacy
Network Security is of utmost importance: we employ numerous levels of security to ensure all data is protected from unauthorized access. Security measures include hardware firewalls for the networks and multiple layers of security have been implemented to secure data with file system security encoded in the application layer of our software. All network links between offices and centers are secure MPLS-VPN links maintaining no visibility from the public Internet.
Security Policies have been developed and are routinely tested to ensure no vulnerabilities exist on any level of our structure. Security procedures are constantly developed to minimize risk of unauthorized access to critical and confidential data.

WHERE AND WHY: GPU.one - THE GPU.one advantageTM?

Montreal, Quebec provides the cheapest power in all of Eastern North America:
Montreal has the second lowest electricity prices in North America after Winnipeg, and less than half that of Toronto. For colocation clients, the cheap, green power supply translates into massive savings.

WHEN: GPU.one - THE GPU.one advantage™?


GPU.ones’s rapid deployment ensures essential infrastructure is up and running in 60-90 days.

We will have your project operational ahead of schedule on budget and on time.

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